Qué hacer si la nota de corte de Selectividad Andalucía 2024 no te da para estudiar la carrera que quieres

Every year, thousands of students in Andalusia sit for the University Entrance Examinations, commonly known as Selectividad. This is a crucial step for those who wish to pursue a university degree. The preparation for these examinations typically intensifies in the weeks leading up to them. However, the realization of their importance usually dawns on students during their two years of high school, especially during the second year.

Despite the hours of diligent study and preparation, some students may not achieve the minimum score required to pursue a specific degree at their university of choice. However, this should not cause undue worry as there are several alternatives to meet the required cut-off score.

Alternatives to Reach the Cut-off Score

One option that many students opt for is to retake the Selectividad in its extraordinary call. This gives them a second chance to achieve their desired score within a month, with the added advantage of familiarizing themselves with the exam’s dynamics. For 2024, the extraordinary call for the Selectividad in Andalusia is scheduled for July 2, 3, and 4.

Some students may not wish to retake the Selectividad immediately or may not be particular about pursuing the degree they initially aimed for. In such cases, they may choose to enroll in another university degree for which they meet the cut-off score. The cut-off scores from previous years for all public universities in Andalusia can be accessed on the Single Andalusian District’s website.

Another feasible option is to retake the Selectividad the following year, should a student fail to meet the required cut-off score neither in the regular nor the extraordinary call. This option allows students to dedicate an entire year to better preparation, identifying and strengthening their weak areas in the subjects they plan to take. With more time and appropriate preparation, it is possible to significantly improve grades and meet the required score.

The cut-off score obtained in the Selectividad may not be sufficient for a student to secure admission in a public university, but it may be enough for a private university. Private institutions generally have lower cut-off scores than public ones. In Andalusia, private universities are mainly located in Seville and Malaga. The most recent additions to this list are the European University of Andalusia and the Alfonso X el Sabio Mare Nostrum, whose outline projects were approved by the Junta in 2023.

Vocational Training (FP) also presents itself as a viable alternative for those who do not meet the required Selectividad cut-off score for their preferred university degree. It offers practical, specialized training that not only equips students for the workforce but also allows access to university degrees. After completing a medium or higher-grade training cycle, students can use their qualification to apply for a place at the university, thereby improving their chances of gaining admission to their chosen degree. In this case, the FP rating becomes the new score for the Access Phase of the Selectividad. The student could then only take the Admission Phase again, thus potentially achieving a higher cut-off score and finally gaining admission to their desired university degree.