Sandra Ortega.

In a significant shift in the Spanish business landscape, Rosp Coruña SL, the corporate holding of Sandra Ortega Mera, has recently undergone a management restructuring. The eldest daughter of the business tycoon Amancio Ortega has stepped down from her position as the sole administrator, making room for a newly assembled board of directors. The revamped board now includes several administrators, including the three children of Sandra Ortega – Antía, Martiño, and Uxía.

The move marks a significant milestone in the trajectory of the company, indicating a shift in its governance structure and a continuation of the Ortega family’s involvement in the business. Sandra Ortega, as the president of the new board, will now be joined by her children as board members. Another notable addition to this board is José Antonio Fresnedo Amado, who in 2020 was appointed as the proxy of Rosp Corunna, replacing José Leyte, a key executive for two decades.

A recent announcement from Borne indicated that Uxía would be sharing the presidency with her mother. However, sources within the company have clarified this as a mistake, reaffirming that the sole president of the company will continue to be Sandra Ortega.

Sandra Ortega, the eldest daughter of Amancio Ortega, holds the distinction of being the second wealthiest individual in Spain. Her children’s entry into the flagship company of the group comes almost two years after a significant transition within Inditex in April 2022. Marta Ortega, the younger daughter of Amancio Ortega, assumed the role of the new president, ushering in a new era for the company.

The three children of Sandra Ortega, now stepping into significant roles within Rosp Coruña SL, were raised and educated in public schools in Oleiros. This new development marks their formal entry into the family business and charts the path for the next generation of the Ortega family.

The transition within the company is a testament to the family’s strategic planning and commitment to ensuring the continuity and stability of their business empire. It not only secures the future of the company but also underscores the integral role of the Ortega family in shaping and directing its course.

This development within Rosp Coruña SL is also potentially indicative of a broader trend in family-owned businesses, where succession planning and the involvement of the next generation in key leadership roles are increasingly becoming a common practice. The move ensures not only the longevity of the business but also the preservation of the family’s values, vision, and legacy within the corporate landscape.

While the transition marks a new chapter for Rosp Coruña SL, it also signals the continued influence of the Ortega family in the Spanish and global business arena. As the next generation of the Ortega family steps into their roles, the business world will be watching closely to see how they navigate the business landscape and shape the future of their family’s corporate empire.

Por Dani